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Your contribution enables the work of Root Foundation Rwanda

With a monthly sum  of 10 euros you can provide two children’s access to education. With operational expenses of only 900 euros per month the organization can offer a daily program to more than 200 children and youth. 

Whether once or regularly: Your donation makes a difference. 

With your donation you offer the children of Root Foundation Rwanda: 

The school fees, costs of the school uniform and materials are covered by scholarships for  50 children. 


Children learn wind instruments and to create music together. 

Music lessons

social workers have an open ear, support the development of the children and visit their families. 

Pedagogical care

Excursions to museums and national parks as well as Talent Shows stay in their minds and foster the development of the children. 

Events and excursions

The heart of Root Foundation Rwanda is the open Children’s Center with daily activities for the children. 

Dance, theatre, art & sports

In a safe space girls may exchange and get special support 

women empowerment
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On the Facebook page of Root Foundation Rwanda you will find latest news and all information about the work in Rwanda. 

Donation transaction:

Your donations will be transferred quarterly to Rwanda to minimize transaction costs.  The cost of the money transfer is about 10,40€ for a 1000€ transfer. We reserve the right to use up to 3% of your donation to finance the transaction and associated costs if these cannot be covered by membership fees. We guarantee that at least 97% of your donation arrives immediately in Rwanda to fulfil its purpose.


Donation Transaction

Use of the donation:

Root Foundation Rwanda decides autonomously how it uses your donations. This gives the local organization the freedom it needs to do a good job. At least 700€ per month is used to cover running costs including rent, electricity, materials, travel expenses for volunteers and the website. With additional money it is possible to cover school fees for children and special excursions. 


Use of the donation

How do I know that my donation arrives?

You will be informed via email about the amount of money transferred per quarter to Rwanda as well as it’s application. . The donation form allows you to  decide how frequently you want to hear from us. As a submission for the finance office we always receive confirmation of transactions from Root Foundation Rwanda which we make available if you should wish. You may also subscribe to our English monthly newsletter.


How do I know that my donation arrives?

Why do we not offer named sponsorships?

We have made a conscious decision not to allow private sponsorships for individual children and youth. Every child is utterly equal and therefore worth being supported. The decision of a named private sponsorship is often made on an emotional level. Who receives educational support can only be decided locally depending on demand, motivation, prospect of success etc. We believe that it is worth supporting the work of Root Foundation Rwanda in its entirety and hope you trust this decision. We are happy if you want to get in touch with us.


Why do we not offer named sponsorships?

For more questions, please check out our FAQs with frequently asked questions or do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly. 

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