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Despite the strong economic growth in Rwanda since the end of the Genocide in 1994, national structures that support disadvantaged children adequately are still missing. For this reason, Root Foundation Rwanda has been offering a perspective and hope for the future to 300 disadvantaged children and youth in Kigali since 2012: It facilitates their learning and personal development  and education in close cooperation with their families. – This happens through regular activities at the Children’s Center. To guarantee extensive support, Root Foundation is structured by means of 3 thematic programmes: 

Central Pillars of work

Personal development

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Target Group 

More than 300 underprivileged children and youth in Kigali benefit from the work of Root Foundation Rwanda. Siblings, parents and other family members also profit from the many pedagogical initiatives including  Parents’ Fellowships or home visits. 


What children does the Root Foundation Rwanda care for?

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Testimonials from Root Foundation children provide insights into

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