Root Foundation Rwanda is my home. This is where I can develop my talents, laugh with my friends and talk about my problems. I can just be myself! 

Theo, 15

Enabling new ways of thinking!

As Root Foundation Germany e.V. we aim to support children like Theo through financial support of our Rwandan partner. We take this as an opportunity to reflect on questions around how best to develop the partnership between Rwanda and Germany, as well as to learn good practice during the course of our cooperation and how to enable new ways of thinking.

Thank you for your donation, Root Foundation Rwanda will facilitate: 

School Fees 
Daily activities at our open youth center
Special activities and events
Root Foundation

Our Partner Organisation

Since 2012, Root Foundation Rwanda has been providing children in Rwanda's capital Kigali with a perspective and hope. Despite strong economic growth in Rwanda since the 1994 genocide, the lack of national structures hinders sufficient support to disadvantaged children. The local organization is dedicated to the personal development of over 200 children, including the daily activities at its youth center.

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