How we work


We value commitment and professionalism. As a team, we volunteer for the association in addition to our actual employment: education, study, work. We rely on an honest and transparent handling of finances, organisational structure and our capacities. By doing so, we hope to attain our member donors’ trust.


We ensure that all donations will be managed responsibly and verifiably be transferred to Root Foundation Rwanda. 

We leave the decision on how to use the donation to the organization in Rwanda, whether it be school fees, transport costs or rent. By this we offer Root Foundation Rwanda the room to manoeuvre to which is needed for their work and efforts to succeed.


Only through a self-determined process of growth, encouraged by local volunteers, is the valuable work in Rwanda possible. We recognize that the Rwandan organization knows how best to decide on financial demand than us who understand and define ourselves as their helping hand. As we work on eye-level, we continuously exchange and advise each other on the most sensible use of the resources, make recommendations and ask for proof and evidence of the exact use of the resources. Some children receive individual support, but in general we do not encourage direct partnerships with children. 

Freedom of our Partner

We build our partnership on the basis of two main elements: 

Entire transparency about the use of resources

regular reporting
about the work

Critical Reflection

By collecting donations we tend to reinforce restricted patterns of thinking and may encourage the dependency of the African continent from a beneficial West, the immaturity of Rwandan society and poverty in general.


We want to distance ourselves from this picture of dependence and state that: Material inequality does not mean mental inequality. In fact, from this concept grows the responsibility to offer donated resources so that Rwandan volunteers have the opportunity to put their own ideas and valuable commitment into Root Foundation Rwanda for the good of the children and youth.


Because we are aware of the effect of a transactional transfer of money to Rwanda, we continually reflect on our work from a development political point of view and seek counsel and discuss with experts. It is important for our team to keep and use our personal relations with Root Foundation Rwanda to enable a good and open contact and dialogue. We engage with our own story of formation and regularly discuss how we want to present ourselves to the public. 

We are always grateful for questions, criticism and suggestions and are happy to get in touch with you about our work. 

Critical Reflection

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